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an interview with Brazilian

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help but speak out for the teenager, "I did not see that foul, but I saw his leg wounds. This is the second time this season, found such a thing.""This is not a good thing, the scars on his legs really make people scared and he needs to protect the referee. Jianuzhayi is a very promising young man, the authorities need to come forward to solve this sort of thing, this is not a skin trauma , the other foot is stepped on his leg, from the knee to the ankle has a scar. "Golden Globe Award in 2013, C Luo was selected as the best player of the year. But in an interview with Brazilian media, C Luo yet Neymar compliment to the "future of the world's best player" position, even if Neymar at Barcelona this season, lackluster performance. "I think Neymar is a very great player, the future belongs to him." C Lo Christine Weineimaer, "the beginning of the season, he is not an ideal fit in Barcelona, he encountered some problems, but I think there is no air jordan 6 pas cher doubt that, He will become one of the world's most outstanding player, he even has the potential to become the world's best players. "C Lo then talk about myself:. "I tried to make her progress every season, I will always do everything I try to help the team goals," can still raise every year in the case of early fame, C Luo professionalism is commendable.In the World Cup, Portugal and Germany, Ghana, the United States were in the same group, C Lo think this is a group of death. "We are not popular, but we will try to enjoy the game and we all know that we are divided into a tough group, I think this is the strongest group of the World Cup." C Lo talked about the World Cup final, "We want to one step forward, we must first German duel, and then against Ghana qualify for the group last wa


r the U.S. so we'll see  "Juve ahead after the last round of league has won the Serie A title, and then the club will focus placed on signings and contract issues. In addition to coach Conti, Juve is another focus of renewed French midfielder Bo Geba. For this season, the teenager has been definitely the main, and in scored seven goals in the league in assists seven times, so to get the attention of the many European giants. And Bo Geba agent Layiaola also talked about his transfer rumors. Bo Geba current and Juventus contract expires in the summer of 2016, Juventus hoping to extend his contract early, while Layiaola also came last week in Turin, Italy, and the Juventus club level and a preliminary discussion. Layiaola accept the "Turin Sports Daily" interview, said, "Bo Geba Juventus club have announced their not for sale and we will continue in the next several meetings to see what will happen when the time. air jordan 4 pas cher "European football's transfer as predators, Layiaola always liked the operation of its own players move frequently and thus profit. This week the club Juventus director Pavel Nedved Layiaola had warned, "If you're smart, then you should consider Bo Geba of career development, not only of money." This Layiaola responded.Layiaola said, "I have great respect for Nedved, not only his professional capacity, and his people had to get my respect, but Nedved to understand that I will make every effort to strive for a favorable Bo Geba conditions, as I, like all of their clients and I believe the club Juventus Nedved will do, in fact, I'm doing everything to Bo Geba like when I was Nedved have done the same. "broker Nedved is still playing when Layiaola.The most  also said that does not rule out the possibility Bo Geba move, but there is a premise. "Bo Geba insist at all costs not to leave, he had a great time in Turin. Only in the case of both the players and the club 


agreed,Bo Geba was likely to leave Juventus, which requires us to receive the right offer at the right time. "The media that Layiaola and Juventus reason reluctant to renew the hope that after dragging the World Cup, the World Cup once Bo Geba outstanding performance, Layiaola think he can fight better conditions in the most recent period, Ancelotti twice at a news conference openly declared that he will not go to Manchester United, but will stay Bernabeu order to stay Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti in the economy has made tremendous sacrifices According to the "Daily Mirror" reported that Manchester United as Carlo Ancelotti out of the annual salary, up to 18 million pounds! Ancelotti's salary at Real Madrid for € 8,000,000, while Manchester United out of his salary quote , and up to 18 million pounds. according to today's exchange rate, 18 million pounds of nearly 22 million euros can be exchanged in order to stay Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti would rather make less money nearly 14 million euros per year. 2006 worked with Real Madrid pass security Ancelotti, now compatriot Fabio Capello did not want to be like, "Bernabeu year tour."Ancelotti has not only failed to switch to Manchester United mean even begin to plan for Real Madrid played a team building for next season. "Confidential Report" had previously pointed out, Ancelotti hopes to retain the vast majority of a team player, he just hopes to be adjusted in air jordan 3 achat some locations. Bear the brunt of position goalkeeper, Iker and Diego - Lopez will take the one between Ancelotti prefer to leave Casey.German "Bild" is revealed, Ancelotti last week had sent scouts to watch the live Wolfsburg Stuttgart 2 to 1 victory of the war. Real Madrid inspection object is left Wolfsburg defender Ricardo - Rodriguez. In the left-back position, Real Madrid now has Marcelo and Coentrao, but the latter has left the band continued rumors. Arbeloa and Nacho play left-back, can only b

can not guarantee anything

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only. "Juventus stay  Now, I can not guarantee anything, look to say it." Conti told "Mediaset" interview, said, "For the benefit of Juventus, I will weigh the club together and we have a sentence proverbial 'ash on the table are the' we want to sit down and talk to the club, we will carefully weigh this year is very precious, very tense three years here, I want to thank the boys pay At this time, I paid how much  those close to me know. "Juventus celebrate the victory in the night, Conti these words very reminiscent of his Manchester United have private contacts.May   air jordan 11 retro pas cher   have been similar, Conti last year had a similar attitude. At that time, Conti threatened to leave Juventus heavily signings. The relationship was very tense, Agnelli even said publicly that Conti needs to rest for some time. Eventually, Conti electionOptional left behind Juventus, but his move to the club are not satisfied with the operation, has publicly complained about Marotta should sell Giaccherini. A year later, Conti "trick." "Corriere dello Sport" survey shows that 53% of fans think, Conti just blackmail the club, will eventually choose to stay. "Conti's purpose is very clear, that is required Juventus signings." Fans said.However, there are a considerable number of fans believe that the possibility of leaving Juventus Conti great, just like last summer, leaving Naples Mazari. Juventus got three consecutive Serie A, Conti expressly Juventus in Serie A has done his best. Now, zebra Juventus fans want the game to succeed in the war in Europe. Obviously, this is Conti's weaknesses. The "Conti scores in Serie A, I do not believe the giants did not give him an invitation." This is the part of the fans point of view. Conti is left behind Juventus, or switch to other 


clubs  We also need to wait, wait for him, and the Battle of the results Agnelli Beijing Thursday morning, the first 29 of a Premiership rescheduling, Manchester City will lead the Al Ittihad Stadium against relegation ahead of Aston Villa. Coach Manuel Pellegrini to the team before the vaccination. Given Liverpool are just 3-3 away draw with Crystal Palace, Pei Shuai warned the team playing the spirit of twelve, do not upset. Manchester City beat Everton 3-2 on Saturday, Sergio Aguero scored the equalizer in a goal after injury leave. Pei Shuai said, Ah kun will miss the campaign, "Sergio -. Aguero's groin injury, has not been 100 percent recovered, so he did not enter the competition squad maybe he had the opportunity to participate in the league last Sunday, We have to look at his recovery thi air jordan 13 homme  s week I'm not 100% sure if he can play tomorrow's game, which is why he did not enter the list of reasons. "At Goodison Park, Yaya - Toure has also been benched. Pui Shuai said the Ivorian was not injured, "Yaya last game did not hurt, I just replaced him considering his injury soon after, he did not have to play 90 minutes of conditions." Chileans stressed that this game, Manchester City must make every effort to Na Sanfen."I watched Liverpool and Crystal Palace's game did not  No, I did not see, when I was preparing for the Villa game, after the game, someone told me the result, which is a result of nothing but, really want to win the game in the Premier League very difficult and you are not sure of winning until the final whistle. moment, Crystal Palace very good condition after losing to Liverpool I said, we have to move on, because other teams will drop points, the fact is also true . "Pei Shuai warned the team, be sure to throw into 


the ring to Liverpool, "This is a lesson for every team, no one knows how the game results, which is why football is so popular because in the world. Perhaps Liverpool 3-0 after leading think they will win, but three goals immediately changed the situation. ""But Manchester City have experienced players, we have had the experience of winning the last time two years ago and we have the pressure to win, but the season along the way we have been this pressure the team wanted to win the championship, we will this effort to the final and we have two at home, we are confident to win. "Although the remaining two games to take four points to win, but stressed that he would not wear handsome fight for a draw, "We did not even consider playing level, we think, is to beat Aston Villa, after that we come and see. If I will strive to remain calm, it is because I think it is most important to the players last two games is not easy, we need to keep calm and rational. "upstart Manchester City in the Premier League third season, Aguero is currently league appearances 81 times and scored 50 goals, has not won the Premier League Golden Boot KUN total number of goals only came in the first 80 Premier League history. But the Argentine super striker has scored top efficiency, effectiveness during the English Premier League, Sergio Aguero scored an average of 115 minutes can be a ball, whether it is double tap  air jordan spizike noir  Henry, or nearly two seasons hot Robin van Persie, Suarez , or the first-ever Premier League striker Alan Shearer, were not in scoring efficiency and as a latecomer Ah KUN horses in football, but the midfield line to score a goal on the very exciting, when Beckham officially in such a Goal young fame, Rooney also in this year's Premier League staged such a goal. But for women players, because the gap between the power, in order to be described as a goal scored so difficult, but in the Spanish Women's League

have to lead their lives in

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 coach hopes his disciple Muller year in Germany to a new owner. German media have revealed that this season is not fun to play in Bayern's Mueller also seriously considering leaving the team thing, and Muller himself in an interview when the position also feel very confused, "came the rumor after all, not me, so I have nothing to comment on this, but I can say that now I do not want to leave Bayern, but I can not always guarantee it. "I am afraid to make such a statement Muller Bayern fans all feel sad to know that Muller had repeatedly said that they have to lead their lives in Bayern, Barcelona or Real Madrid will not join, "I'm not the kind of promise would be contrary to their own people, the first day I can not say that they absolutely faithful against Bayern, then left the team the next day, if a player canair jordan spizike rouge  always maintain a high level of play, then he will naturally cause a lot of interest in the Yankees, but on as we have repeatedly said, the Bayern players is not a selling club. "Muller watch ever so loyal, but now he is for his future noncommittal.In addition to Muller, the Bayern Munich midfielder Martinez also for their unhappy situation at Bayern, his agent revealed recently in the "Bild" the reporter dialogue and the German media, Martinez dissatisfaction with himself at Bayern Only the bench to the fact that the Spanish midfielder is considering leaving Bayern this summer. According to German media news that Martinez has already attracted the interest of Spanish giants Barcelona, English Premier League club Manchester City and Arsenal. But Martinez soon in an interview, said he never had similar complaints, "I do not think these things." Martinez comes from last week's home loss to Real Madrid in th


e beginning, the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich will suffered criticism from various parties. Recently, the former Bayern captain, "Tiger" Effenberg Recently Bayern's performance also expressed their views Effenberg think Bayern lost to Real Madrid because of bad power, the team did not have much to say, Real Madrid scored 4 has been considered less of the ball. He also pointed out that the German Cup, Bayern must fight for as long as won the double, then this season is a fairly successful season. Finally Effenberg Guardiola pointed question, he said a good melon handsome football philosophy, but Bayern did not seem right players. In last week's Champions League semi-final, Bayern 0-4 home defeat out. Bayern after the game was a multi criticism, but CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thinks this is not a big deal. Effenberg this, "said the 0-4 defeat at home has it all! Game defeat to Bayern is undoubtedly a bitter defeat,chaussure air jordan 13 retro   defeat is painful failures caused by inadequate. It Obviously, Bayern mistakes in the game too much, Real Madrid into 4 has been considered less of it. Bayern must see that he had made an error in the game, absolutely can not avoid all criticism. "Despite losing in the last week, but Effenberg think Bayern last weekend's game against Hamburg back the state, as long as Bayern Munich defeated Borussia Dortmund in the German Cup final, and that this season was a successful season, "for Hamburg Half of the game Bayern back the state, so the team's performance over the past few weeks have not been seen, but in the German Cup final, Dortmund is clearly a different opponent, Dortmund football can be said for gram Bayern! course, Bayern have the strength to win, they also have the obligation to win as long as Bayern w


on the double this season, can count on a successful season. "Bayern coach Pep Guardiola has recently been questioned football philosophy, a lot of people think football Guardiola TIKI-TAKA outdated, this Effenberg has a different view, "Guardiola will weather the storm , the players must accept his football philosophy! since a very long time, Guardiola's football philosophy is very good, and even can be said to be almost perfect tactics and now the question is, does not seem to suit him at Bayern Players tactical system, which led to his football sometimes does not look so good. "Schweinsteiger Bayern vice is seen as "Tiger" Effenberg successor, but others do not seem to use the data to prove that pigs are suitable for Bayern tactical system, which Effenberg said "Let the smart player as the core, this is the right decision, but Schweinsteiger is a smart player, he was even the best player in this position! but I think, let Sair jordan 11 vente  chweinsteiger does not seem appropriate as the attacking midfielder, Schweinsteiger is more suitable for the team commander of the tower, he needs space to control the ball, to observe carefully the game situation. Bayern must correct this problem! "On Tuesday (the 6th ), held its annual awards ceremony in Liverpool, Suarez to become the biggest winner, he was a person would be all three awards. Following the assessment was the best professional players union and Reporters Association season, the Uruguayan teammates and fans has been selected as the best Reds season. A day earlier, Liverpool had just been Crystal Palace 3-3 draw in the away win situation is not optimistic. Therefore, when entering ACC conference center, worried the whole team, whether coach Rogers, Suarez or Gerrard and other players, a

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